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Stranger Songs

Raise your hand if you've joined the rest of the world in being totally obsessed with Stranger Things!

From Eleven and the rest of the gang to Steve's hair game, there is SO much to love about this show. But, let's not get off course here, this is a music blog after all!

Stranger Things' own soundtrack and score are brilliant and add to what I love about the show, and I found myself inspired. This show is a blast from the past and is everything we love from a bygone era, yet something brand new and so original! it got me thinking about some bands out there right now that have a distinctly 80's vibe, but are still super relevant in today's music scene. Thus, I set out on a journey to make a Stranger Things inspired playlist without using any music actually made in the 80's.

This playlist was so much fun to make! Some of my favorite artists are on the list, but this style of music is a bit out of my realm of what i normally listen to. So in building this playlist I discovered so many new bands. It's easy to fall into a music routine, so making a playlist with a theme is such a fun way to discover new music!

Spotify is always my go to app for listening to music, and was a super helpful tool in creating this playlist. Click on the photo below to listen to the Stranger Songs playlist on Spotify, I hope you all enjoy! And if Spotify isn't your thing, below that you'll find a linked list of all of the songs on the playlist. Enjoy!

Stranger Songs:

Hang My Head in Shame- Pete Molinari

Back In Your Head- Tegan and Sara, performed by Ryan Adams

Gold in the Sun- Young in the City

Annie- Young in the City

If I Reach- Silver Torches

Keep the Car Running- SIlver Torches

Goodbye, Goodbye- Tegan and Sara

Heavy Metals- Noah Gundersen

Pretty Cool- Lo Tom

Nothing to Find- The War On Drugs

Headphones- WALK THE MOON

Nightcall- Kavinsky

Odd Look- Kavinsky

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