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Ah, South Dakota winters. they are long, and frigid, and it's only been officially winter for a month. I already find myself longing for Summer and dancing under the stars at an outdoor concert. Though January finds me bundled in as many layers possible, grumbling about my car not warming up, thankfully I'm still enjoying great music!

Rapid City is full of so many talented musicians, and venues to attend, it's hard to choose where to go on a weekend to warm up and hear some great music! I took a look at the events going on in our area, and there are multiple events to choose from; here is a list of whats going on in January! *Special shout out to The Garage, and Ursa Major at Hay Camp Brewing Co. who don't have any events going on in January, but are two awesome venues who have brought some amazing bands into Rapid City!


Unfortunately, this event is sold out, but if you got a ticket, lucky you! It sounds like it will be an amazing concert.

"PCP has wowed audiences all over the country with extravagant performances, everywhere from Prairie Home Companion, to that punk rock club in the part of town your grandma warns you not to go to after dark. The group has built a reputation mixing genres and blurring musical lines and perceptions wherever they go."

If you find yourself in the Spearfish area, but would like a more intimate setting to enjoy some music, head over to Blackbird Espresso, Friday 1/19/18 at 7 pm to hear Jami Lynn play.


I love that you can catch Jami Lynn play in SO many different places, from the corner of a coffee shop, to a big ticketed event. Her style is well honed, and unique. She's truly one of my favorite local artists to hear play. Any time you get a chance to see her, go for it!

A drive to Hill City will be well worth it on Saturday to catch The Two Tracks at Miner Brewing Co. 1/20/18 at 7:30 pm.


The Two Tracks are such a fun group to see, and Miner Brewing Co. is one of my favorite venues to go see live music. The beer is great, the crowd is a good group of people, and they bring in a wide variety of performers year long.

This weekend is full of surrounding area events, but next weekend, there are tons of great options happening right in Rapid City. On Friday, The Cabin Sessions ft. Nik Harr and Richard Grewar 1/26/18 at 6 pm.

This is a family friendly event, featuring two very talented artists.


Nik Harr's music is full of joy and his goal is to "make myself and the world a little better one day at a time." He puts a smile on my face every time I hear his music, so it's safe to say he is achieving his goals!


Richard Grewar is a relatively new transplant to South Dakota, hailing from Austrailia, and we are so happy he is here to share his colorful melting pot of Rock, Pop and Acoustic.

Both Nik and Richard released new albums in 2017.

Also happening Friday night, The Dahl Art's Center presents Rodney Marsalis Philadelphia Big Brass, 1/26/18 at 7:30 pm.


The Dahl Arts Center brings such unique artists to Rapid City. the Rodney Marsalis Philadelphia Big Brass band is described as, "A group that always reflects the diverse makeup of men and women in the American culture, RMPBB is dedicated to the notion that music is a gift to be enjoyed by everyone. The group is especially dedicated to reaching out to the world’s youth and inspiring them to reach for their dreams."

on Saturday, Black Hills Vinyl is continuing on their successful trend of keeping the punk rock scene in Rapid City alive and vibrant, and this show is raising money for a compilation album of Rapid City punk rock bands. With Love, From the Corner of Sixth an Saint Joe Saturday 1/27/18 at 7 pm.


Also happening on Saturday, Harriet & Oak is putting on a free concert, Pine Island does the FUNK 1/27/18 at 7 pm. I love concerts at Harriet & Oak, just as much as I love that coffee shop in general. I'll be honest, I don't know what Pine Island is, but I'm super excited to find out! Discovering new music is always fun.

Whatever event you you find yourself attending, you are sure to have a great night! Supporting local artists, and venues helps further the artistic community we have in Western South Dakota and will only help bring more and more great music to our Hills. So even on these frigid January nights, I encourage you to bundle up and go enjoy some amazing music!

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