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Wait...that's a cover?

My dad is the king of music trivia in our house. from humming melodies and asking, "name that tune!" to playing songs that have a suspiciously familiar melody and saying, "now what does that sound like?" Not a week goes by without some form of music trivia. recently, I was cleaning up around the studio and singing, Make you feel my love by Adele, and out popped dad saying, "did you know that's a Bob Dylan song?" Which I indeed did not know, (But honestly who's surprised, he's written a million songs).

So for the blog this week, I thought I would hand over the reins to Scott Sr. to compile a list of songs that became popularized by artists who in fact didn't write them. Check the list out below and give each version a listen!

Hallelujah: written by Leonard Cohen in 1984, received little acclaim until later recorded by Jeff Buckley in 1994.

Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen:

Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley:

Knocking On Heaven's Door: has been covered by many artist's but possibly the most memorable version is Guns & Roses 1990 recording. But it is actually a Bob Dylan song, written in 1973 for the film Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid.

Knocking on Heaven's Door by Gun's & Roses: youtube,com

Knocking on Heaven's Door by Bob Dylan:

Mad World: Remember the film Donny Darko? The song Mad World, by Gary Jules became huge because of this cult classic film. turns out that it is a cover as well, and originally written by Tears for Fears in 1982.

Mad World by Gary Jules:

Mad World by Tears for Fears:

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: Who doesn't know the 80's classic by Cyndi Lauper, recorded in 1983? Surprisingly enough it's a cover as well! The song was first written and recorded in 1979 by Robert Hazard.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper:

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Robert Hazard: youtube,com

Valerie: The song Valerie was Amy Winehouse's breakthrough hit in 2007, but it was actually written by the English indie rock band, The Zutons in 2006. The Zuton's have admitted everyone thinks they are covering Amy Winehouse when they perform their song, but have said they don't mind.

Valerie by Amy Winehouse: youtube,com

Valerie by The Zutons:

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