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Thanks for the tunes, 2017

Hey, we made it around the sun once again! I hope 2017 treated you well, and if it didn't, I'll join you in being super excited for a fresh new year. 2017 was an awesome year for music. so many talented artists put out some really great albums, and it was hard to stay on top of my listening game!

I'm always hunting for new music, and 2017 was chock full of new discoveries for me. this list could go on and on, but I decided to share my favorite top 5 artists I started listening to in the last year. So here they are, in no particular order!

All images from selected artist's facebook pages

So I had the pleasure of seeing Silver Torches perform live in October when he opened for Noah Gundersen. I love artists who sound just as good, and if not better, than the recording, and Silver Torches falls right into this category. The clarity of his voice gave me goosebumps and his sound is comfortably classic, but still new and different.


Artist: Tash Sultana

Tash Sultana is an Australian singer songwriter, who is basically the coolest one man band I've ever seen. She effortlessly loops together dreamy melodies and her unique voice adds to a listening experience that makes you just go, "Wow!" once the song is over.


Phoebe Bridger's has become one of my go to artists when I just want to be sad and listen to something relatable. (we all have those days am I right?) I love her voice so much. It reminds me of Alison Krauss, if Alison Krauss grew up listening to Brand New.


I first heard Madison Cunningham on Live From Here (formerly A Prairie Home Companion) which as a side note: I LOVE WHAT CHRIS THILE IS DOING WITH THIS PROGRAM. It's a fantastic radio show, and he's done such a great job taking on a long legacy and making it his own. ANYWAY, back to business. the first thing I thought when I heard Madison Cunningham start playing was, "Shit, this girl is cool." I wish I could play guitar like her. So glad I tuned in that Saturday and discovered her music.

source: youtube,com

Last, but definitely not least, Sweet Water String Band! This is another band I had the pleasure of seeing live at Miner Brewing Co. in Hill City, SD this summer. Bluegrass is one of my favorite music genres, but it can sometimes start to all sound the same. I instantly fell in love with SWSB's sound, and thought, "Oh, I haven't heard this before!" because they have a cello player. This change up to the traditional instrumental lineup gives their songs a rich and deep drive.


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