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Warmer Days

I wasn't going to do another staff pick playlist for this week's blog update...and then it snowed again. (Hey South Dakota, April fools is over!)

My lovely drive home on April 2nd, 2018.

South Dakota springs are such a tease. After months of frigid cold, you get to April and you think, "It's here, warmer days! Finally!" and then it snows...again. So in defiance of this cold, snowy April day, I created a Warmer Days playlist. These are songs that remind me of endless sunshine, the windows down, and a smile on my face as I drive through the hills.

Click the picture below to listen to the Warmer Days playlist on Spotify!

Also, below are some videos of my favorite songs from the playlist. I hope you enjoy these summery songs, and they bring a little warmth into your day!

The Lone Bellow, Time's Always Leaving


Nahko and Medicine For the People, Tus Pies (Your Feet)


Punch Brothers, Julep


Birdtalker, Graveclothes


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